Thursday, 27 January 2011

Entrepreneurs Challenge...

...Is a pretty weird uni project were doing at the moment. We got put in groups of total strangers from various different courses and have 3.5 days to come up with a business plan for an innovative business in a field chosen by the mentors. We got fashion and decided to offer a platform whereby small businesses and designers from developing countries could get there products out into the western fashion market. I was in charge of the website.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011


A website focussing on graffiti and the law. Pretty simple stuff with a few slideshows and embedded videos but reasonably happy for a first attempt. Designed and coded in 24 extremely long hours with the help of Joey. Nice one for your help mate. Much appreciated.  

jam jar flyer

Got given this flyer to do at uni as a last minute thing. Only really had a few hours to do it in the middle of trying to put together a website and get the degree show project finished. Its for an up and coming bands and DJs night so decided to put together some photomontages of 'anonymous' band members and use them to illustrate the flyer. 


Degree Show Branding.

The brief for this was to come up with a concept to advertise all of the degrees exhibiting at the UH 2011 Degree Show. After some thinking I realised one thing linking all of the degrees together was the fact they were all bachelors degrees and that all of the students were seeking the attention of employers. So I decided to play on the idea of eligible bachelors and set out my branding in the for of a contact ad/dating service...

The envelope is the first thing anyone will see so have kept this pretty minimal so as not to give the game away too early...

The poster forms the contact ad with common abbreviations altered slightly to give more emphasis on the courses being exhibited. A glossary of these altered terms is listed at the bottom

The invite forms the next step in the 'dating process', where the recipient is pin pointed as a potential match for the eligible bachelors. The flip side holds a questionnaire whereby employers are able to mark their interest in specific students. This also helps the university gain an idea of which courses are drawing the biggest crowds/number of visitors from within specific industries.

And the signage would follow the whole theme through further.