Thursday, 21 April 2011

The Dehavilland Philharmonic Orchestra...

Live brief for uni aimed at trying to get more students to attend classical music gigs. I looked at challenging peoples perceptions of classical music. CLICK IMAGES TO VIEW LARGE.

This one looks at people saying they don't like it when actually they've never been to a classical music concert and given it a chance. I've tried to be playful with the type to engage the viewer, giving only subtle visual references to music. I wanted to avoid images of classical music composers/instruments/conductors etc as I felt this is an instant turn off for a student audience. 

The second one looks at peoples view that classical music is just for posh people. 

And the third one looks at the drawing similarities between modern and classical music. Ive set the type in the fonts used by more contemporary musicians. The bands used were Guns n' Roses, Oasis, Megadeath, Iron Maiden & The Beastie Boys.